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John DelGrosso, MA, LMFT

Welcome to my website ! I became a Christian counselor and coach because I saw Christians struggling with feelings of despair, pain, loneliness and spiritual desolation and not knowing where to turn for help. By the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, I have been able to transform their lives through authentic Christian principles. I look forward to assisting you on your journey.

Too often, Christians searching for help are referred to psychotherapists whose training is based on a humanistic philosophy that does not acknowledge man’s spiritual component or the need for the assistance of the Holy Spirit. True Christian counseling is based on more than adding a Christian veneer to this secular teaching; instead, it is built out of what scripture teaches us about the nature of mankind and how each individual can live a life pleasing to the Lord which results in His blessing. Online appointments mean that I can help you wherever you are in the country.

In my work helping clients with anxiety, depression, marital problems and more, I developed a truly Christian method of counseling, which I have described in my book, Restoring Gods Image: the narrow gate of healing and transformation. In therapy, we will work together using sound psychological and biblical methods identify the deceptive beliefs that trap you in painful patterns and discern between good and evil in your everyday life.

No matter how dark things may seem, you have the ability to transform your life through true scriptural teaching and the redemptive power of Christ. I believe in your ability to change because God is working within you to do so. Contact me today and start your journey to spiritual freedom and the true Christian life.

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